Let me introduce myself, my name is Flavien.
I was born in 1978 and I live near Nantes. Passionate about photography for a long time, I love this magical side of freezing an action, bringing out all the emotion that is there.
So in 2005, finally, I started working with a few magazines while I was living in the South Pacific or even the Middle East.

A simple look

Capturing a simple look, a smile or even a movement can make a simple photo in splendor.
I do most of my shots in natural light so they can bring out all the colors! The images thus created are all the more spontaneous and vivid.

After a report, or a simple session, I carefully select the best photos. I rework them using specialized editing software in order to have an optimal rendering.

When selecting images, I don’t take just any photos! I select them in relation to the history they make feel, their personalities, the atmosphere they convey or simply for their aestheticism.

My Style ?
Photos full of natural colors! Without going too much into extreme retouching. Your friends will recognize you because your faces won’t be retouched.

Events Photography based in Nantes and also can make any travel overseas

As an advertising photographer, I specialize in areas essential to the world of business and communication. I invite you to discover them right here.

Specialty: event, advertising, commercial and industrial photography

Dans l’Objectif ! Advertising photographer, offers photo services to all professionals, whatever the trade. I put my knowledge to work to realize all professional projects, from the smallest to the largest, because I know to what extent the image and photography play a primordial role in the commercial field and the efficiency of a advertising campaign.

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Mes Spécialités: photographie pour les Professionnels dans la restauration, l’hôtellerie, ou encore l’architecture immobilière, les architectes, location/vente d’appartements ou de villas.